Three Nails & A Wide Hammer

Three nails and a wide hammer is what it took to seal the day
Three nails and a wide hammer was used by man to show the way
Two driven high and one down low sunk into the one who lay
Pounded secure and tightly fixed firm ensured to make him pay

They say he shouldn’t have put the authorities to the test
The say he was wrong to declare what he did while on his quest
But as iron sharpens iron it also pierces the flesh 
Pinning bone to hardened wood to let death come and do the rest

But as much as they scoffed and doubted, the crowd could never know
What great personal cost was covered with each wide hammer blow
As they crucified my Saviour, my Lord, watching his blood flow
Succeeding in their very best to slay him and lay him low

It’s hard to lift your head high when the weight of the world’s there too
Carrying sins that aren’t your own, it’s what he was born to do
He did it with a heart that carried the universe it’s true
A heart burdened heavy for me, equally burdened for you

And as the unforgiving crowd watched, scoffed, and smirked as he died
As others who thought they had lost him watched grieving as they cried
And took him down from those nails driven deeply by hammer wide
To a borrowed tomb at days last light and laid him deep inside

Death had taken it’s win over the one chosen to be king
Three nails drove deep by a wide hammer had done their chosen thing
But they took the sacrifice meant for eternity to ring
Having taken out the one true son of whom heaven does sing

And so with three nails and a hammer, death thought a battle won
It didn’t know life’s victory plan made because of the one
They took his life and sent him below, but when three days had run
Three nails and a hammer, chosen for death, gave life, the victorious son.

Jim Sutherland – April 15, 2022, Good Friday Night Of Worship

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