The Fruit Of Unrepentance

Always easily offended
Is jealous and envious
Thinking only about yourself
Talking only about yourself
Trusts no one
Always remembers a criticism
Always expects to be appreciated
Always needs to look good
Is suspicious
Look for faults in others
Get out of serving if you can
Do as little as possible for others
Never forget where you have given service
Sulk if people aren’t grateful for you
Insists on consideration and respect
Demands agreement with your views
Being selfish at all times
Self preservation and relying on own strength
Go it alone or do it myself or trouble accepting feedback

A Prayer of Repentance

In the name of Jesus, I repent for each and every time, knowingly or unknowingly, that I have partnered with Leviathan and the spirit of unrepentance. I am sorry where I have partnered with accusation, with gossip, with criticism and pride, and where I have closed and hardened my heart.

Lord, I repent and ask for Your forgiveness. And in Jesus name, I break agreement with Leviathan and all its associated spirits and I command them to leave me now, in Jesus mighty name. Leviathan, you are gone! I choose to carry a spirit of repentance.

In Jesus name, We break the hold over our lives and family.

In Jesus name, We loose the fire of God to burn out the roots and claws, right now in the name of Jesus.

In Jesus name, we unhook and cut off all manipulation, accusation, confusion and twisted communication.  

We are loosed out of Leviathan and into the arms of Jesus.

We wash our wounds clean by the blood of Jesus. 

Breath in the Holy Spirit and breath out the toxins.

We break every generational access point in Jesus name. 

We cut off the hand trying to reach in through the generational doors in Jesus name.

We are established in a spacious place in Jesus name!

In the name of Jesus, we loose the healing power of God, to kill the power of past accusations.

In Jesus name, we loose healing to our soul and inner man and all effects of Leviathan. We loose the healing power of Jesus Christ into the hurt and diminished places.

We loose the fire of God to burn out all darkness!!!

We loose the redemptive power of Jesus and declare victory!!!! 

We are in and one with God through the blood of Jesus Christ!


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