Prayer is our Power

Practical Theology from Sunday September 15, 2019

Three Spiritual Take-Aways To Be Used Any Day Of The Week.  

First, Connect to the Lord: Many of us in the church find it hard to believe God desires us, however, allowing ourselves a time of simple connection can begin to heal our hearts and experience the unconditional part God’s love again.

Prayer Exercise: 1 John 2:27 Psalm 55:16 1. Relax. Ask God to encounter you with his presence. Wait. Don’t rush the process. 2. Allow yourself to feel/see/hear God.  3. Stay there for as long as you want. Let change, repentance, encouragement come from a place of total ACCEPTANCE from the Lord.

Second, Releasing tension to the Lord: Many people truly do not know how to practice release from their problems or issues in their daily lives. We tend to bury (repression) them or blame (projection) others for them. It is easy to carry something difficult and forget to let it go when it is time. However, the Lord provides a place in Himself for us to let go. Nothing is to difficult for Him to take and he WILL NOT leave us empty.

Prayer Exercise: Psalm 55.22,  1 Peter 5:7 Find your connection to God by doing the following– 1. Assume a posture of release if that helps (eg. open hands). 2. Speak out the person’s name, or situation, a thought, an emotion you want to let go of. 3. Ask for the Holy Spirit to fill the empty space.

Third, Blessing your inner man with the spirit of peace: This is not just creating a positive a mind set, it is allowing your mind and emotions to submit to a spirit of peace (which is rooted in God) and to be INFLUENCED BY THE SPIRIT. Making choices, considering perspective from a place that is rooted in PEACE is powerful. 

Prayer Exercise: James 3:18,  Philippians 4:7. 1.What circumstance am I struggling with? 2. What emotions am I feeling? 3.Identify your negative emotions and ask God to exchange them with positive emotions: Fear to Peace, Confusion to Discernment, Weakness to Strength, Shame to Freedom, Helpless to Hopeful, and Worried to Confident. 4. What do I need from God right now?  5. Ask for the Holy Spirit to come and take time to connect with Him so that you can receive what He wants to give you.

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