Easter Weekend Reflection

Thank you to all of the local authors who contributed to the 40 Days of Decrease blog. It has been a wonderful way to introduce SCC’s new Blog. Going forward it will be a place of creative spiritual reflections. Your creative gifts, your willingness to open and share your hearts helped us to think, consider, and soak in the meaning of Decrease. You helped us move through the season of Lent and approach Easter in reverant awe for all that Jesus sacrified for us.

Over the Easter weekend, we would like to encourage you to reflect once more. Find those 2 minutes of silence to think about Jesus and what he has done for us. Take time to read a blog you missed or re-read one of your favorites. Study the concept again. Apply it in a new way. For instance, revisit the questions posed in Day 28 – Formulas. Or re-read Day 34. Consider how criticism is still affecting your daily routine.

Again, thank you and gratitude goes out to those who helped us all journey through this time. Expressionscc.church will continue so be sure to stop by for more encouragement and straight talk about our faith, our lives and our experiences.

Be blessed this Easter Weekend as you spend time with Jesus our Saviour, your family and your friends.

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